Weiser Antiquarian Books Catalogue # 100

Another extraordinary list from the good people at Weiser Antiquarian…

Rare and Interesting Books & Ephemera may now be viewed at: www.weiserantiquarian.com/catalog

Weiser Antiquarian Books is pleased to announce the release of the one-hundredth of our on-line catalogues. Being catalogue 100 we decided to take the opportunity to show-case 100 rare and unusual items from across our areas of specialization. Given that every book in the catalogue is, to some degree, “special,” it seems pointless to call attention to particular items.

To view our catalogue, simply click on the link above. If the link does not work direct from your email, please cut and paste it into your web browser. If your web-browser shows an earlier catalog of ours at the above link (ie it is not ‘refreshing’ properly) a duplicate copy of our new catalog is on-line at:


It is perhaps worth noting that many of the books are significant association copies: thus a copy of Aleister Crowley’s White Stains was used by one of his lawyers in the course of a trial, and contains related correspondence between Crowley and his lawyer, and a remarkable statement in Crowley’s handwriting in defense of the book. Another Crowley work, Rodin in Rime, bears the sigil of Kenneth Grant, whilst a copy of Franz Bardon’s Der Praxis der Magischen Evokation includes a typed letter signed by the author, and the copy of the (true) first edition of J.G.R. Forlong’s, Rivers of Life, is inscribed by the author “to an old friend.” Some of the other association copies are perhaps not quite so obvious: thus a copy of A. E. Waite’s, The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus has the ownership inscription of Marie Corelli, Michaelis Pselli’s De Operatione Daemonum Dialogus, has the ownership markings of G.R.S Mead, and George Raffalovich’s, The History of a Soul is inscribed to Victor B. Neuburg, Henry Melville’s Veritas is from the library of John Yarker, and not only contains his ownership markings, but a 2 page related essay in Yarker’s handwriting. Other signed and inscribed books are by authors including Alice A. Bailey, Paul Brunton, Andrew D. Chumbley, Arthur Conan Doyle, Janet and Stewart Farrar, Joan Grant, Kenneth and Steffi Grant, Francis X. King, Charles Godfrey Leland, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Israel Regardie, Dane Rudhyar, Swami Sivananda Saraswati, Idries Shah, “Lady Sheba,” etc. Several books include original artwork by Barry Hale, there are some drawings by Robert Lenkiewicz, a typescript by Paul Foster Case, letters by Annie Besant and Aleister Crowley, and a stunning collection of correspondence between Jack Parsons and his future wife, Helen.

Antiquarian works include one of the best early editions of the foundation works of Rosicrucianism, Johann Valentin Andreae’s Fama Fraternitatis (1616), the first edition of the foundation work on the magic of John Dee, Meric Casaubon’s, A True And Faithful Relation Of What Passed For Many Years Between Dr. John Dee …. and Some Spirits …. (1659), and Johannes Trithemius’ Polygraphie et Universelle escriture Cabalistique (1651), to name but a few.

As usual we have a variety of other catalogues in preparation, with topics including: Astrology, Alchemy and Hermetica, Mythology, Theosophy, Grimoires, and other of our specialties, and with a few surprises along the way. Of course we will also continue to regularly issue our Aleister Crowley and “Miscellany” catalogues.

The books in these catalogs represent just a minute fraction of our overall holdings. We currently list nearly 10,000 other occult and related titles on our main website:


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