Weiser Antiquarian: Latest Catalogues

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Regular visitors to this site will know just how much I admire Weiser Antiquarian and their always-fascinating book catalogues. This time, though, they have outdone themselves, with two Catalogues announced at the same time. And, believe me, the content is astonishing! Many items have already sold but the catalogues remain – in any case – a fabulous resource for those of us obsessed with the writings of Aleister Crowley.

The titles of the catalogues are largely self-explanatory:

Catalogue 199a consists of works relating to Aleister Crowley and his circle. It is a very eclectic catalogue with items ranging from cheap booklets and reprints to genuine rarities, including an extraordinary association copy of White Stains (1898), a set of the  Confessions (1929), an interesting handwritten letter by Crowley, the rare leather-bound limited edition of Amrita, and various other rare and unusual pieces.

Catalogue 199b is devoted to different editions of The Book of the Law, and works relating to it. Amongst the many editions of The Book of the Law included there are a number of rarities: notably a pristine copy of the First UK Edition (1938), a copy of the First US Edition (1942) with the markings of Kenneth Grant’s New Isis Lodge, the rare Solar Lodge Edition (1967), a lovely copy of the second issue of The Equinox of the Gods (1937) etc. as well as a wide variety of weird and wonderful (and sometimes awful) modern editions.

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