A Brief Report About Thelema In Czech (and Slovak) Republic

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Thelema in Czech Republic is mostly practiced by independent individuals. The first popularizer of Thelema here was Mr. Martin Mrskos AKA San. He translated and published Liber AL, The Book Of Thoth and a lot of others Crowley's texts. He is the founder of the esoteric bookstore called Alembiq. In the period 1990 to 1995 he has been publishing very representative Revue Horus. But due to the lack of readers he was forced to stop publishing this mag. Now he is runs the web page http://www.okultura.cz , where he continues publishing Thelemic texts. He also runs a label Horus Cyclic Demon orientated on ambient music (see: http://www.horus.cz/www_hcd/hcd.html – page is in English). His magical approach is now close to the Kenneth Grants ideas.

Next important figure is Zuzana Antares AKA Soror Chiah. She published really good books about divination. Divination is also her profession and she is quite known fortune teller. She runs the oracle Via Regia and The School of Divination Arts. Her mate Roman Petrzelka is an astrologist and runs a well visited web sites: http://www.magick.cz (including e-shop of magick literature) and http://www.ritual.cz (portal and discussion forum). He also runs a publishing house Spiral Energy.

9/11 2003 e. v. Soror Chiah founded with her friend and other great Thelemic personality Hana Tintalo (AKA Soror Esta Quae Ardet) The Little Abbey of Thelema – a circle of her Thelemic disciples - Page: http://opatstvi.magick.cz . The Thelemic work in The Little Abbey is mostly based on the creating personal commentaries of Liber AL (theory) and traditional methods of magical training (practice). Partially independent member of this group is Frater Kojot, focused more on Thelemic mysticism, philosophy and arts than on practical magick.

San, Soror Chiah, Soror Esta Quae Ardet and myself are from Brno, city in Moravia. In Prague (capital of Czech Republic), on the other hand, predominates old hermetic non-Thelemic tradition. Workings of this hermetics are typically classical, non-Thelemic hermetism. In 1997 was published Revue Equinox as a result of the members of Thelemic Abbey of Prague. But the first issue was the last too.

Thelemically based is the Czech wing of the occult group Fraternitas Coyotii. This fraternity is orientated on exploration of the Trickster archetype as an powerful but unpredictable egregore. On their pages - http://fraternitas-coyotii.moonfruit.com - they are publishing only the general articles about Trickster, practice is secret for the public alike the names of members.

„The Free Zone of Magick“ - CyberTempli – is the group of independently working people. Their pages - http://cybertempli.mysteria.cz - are half serious, half fun. Mostly they are close to (post)thelema and/or saturnian gnosis. Leading figure of Cyber Templi is lady of many names known as Dianann, Soror Filia Filiarum Lucis –FFL, Soror La Petite Mort –LPM, Catalessi...

Also website ChaoSpace should be mentioned - http://chaospace.hyperlinx.cz – mostly orientated on chaos magick. The founder of this page is Ondrej Maly AKA Hrabe.

Good work in translation of Thelemic texts does Cody in the pages http://cody.mysteria.cz.

There could be more Thelemic orientated personalities in Czech Republic...

In Slovak Republic works very talented mage Jozef Karika AKA Raistlin. He wrote a Thelemic based book Slavonic Magick – really original and interesting view on the old Slavonic traditions and inspiration how to work with the powers of old Slavonic pagan gods. He also published in English: look at the article Vampyrism from the Neo-Aeonic Perspective - Vampyrism in the New Aeon on http://www.chaosmagic.com . His new book Zones of the Shadow seems to be very deep and interesting. Karika's personal page is http://www.karika.sk . In the pages http://www.magicworld.sk exists Slovak Thelemic group based on the Thelemic Golden Dawn, led by Frater Spero Meliora - Child of Therion 876.

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