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Anton Szandor LaVey (11 April 1930 - 29 October 1997), was the founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan, author of The Satanic Bible, and creator of the religion known as Satanism.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, LaVey spent most of his life in San Francisco, California. He pursued a variety of occupations before Walpurgisnacht, 30 April 1966, when he ritualistically shaved his head and founded the Church of Satan. LaVey remained High Priest until his death.

An eclectic individual, he was fond of music, painting, antique automobiles, firearms, and animals (particularly the big cats). He is survived by his consort, Blanche Barton, son Xerxes, ex-wife Diane LaVey, daughters Karla and Zeena Schreck, and grandson Stanton Zaharoff LaVey.

Books about Anton LaVey

Films Featuring Anton LaVey

  • "Satanis - The Devil's Mass"
  • "The Devil's Rain"
  • "Invocation of my Demon Brother" (short)
  • "Speak of the Devil"
  • "Deathscenes" (narrator)

Recordings of Anton LaVey

  • The Satanic Mass
  • Satan Takes A Holiday
  • Strange Music
  • Answer Me/Honolulu Baby (single)

Books by Anton LaVey

  • The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey, ISBN 0380015390
  • The Satanic Rituals by Anton Szandor La Vey, ISBN 0380013924
  • The Satanic Witch (originally The Complete Witch) by Anton Szandor LaVey, ISBN 0922915849
  • The Devil's Notebook by Anton Szandor LaVey, ISBN 0922915113
  • Satan Speaks! by Anton Szandor LaVey, ISBN 0922915660


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