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A Brahmin (less often Brahman) is a member of the Hindu priestly caste. The word is related to but not to be confused with Hindu religious conception of the transcendent and immanent super soul, "Brahman".

The word Brahmin is said to literally mean One who has realised or attempts to realise Brahman. According to the Purusha Sukta, the lyric sung to the glory of Vishnu, Brahmins are said to have come from the mouth of the Purusha.

The Sanskrit form of "Brahmin" is Brāhmana", which means "one who is concerned with prayers and praising [the gods]".

Uses outside Hinduism

In the United States, Boston Brahmin is a term often used to refer to the oldest families in Boston. Sometimes it may be used to refer to any wealthy family whose ancestors arrived in North America before (often well before) the American Revolution. Both of these uses may have pejorative connotations.

Brahmin is also the name for the two-headed cows in the fictional Fallout universe.

The Indian breed of cattle is sometimes called the Brahminy breed.

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