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The Double Current is woven of twin strands of magical time and technique.

The 93 Current began with Frater Perdurabo's reception of Liber AL vel Legis: The Book of the Law in 1904. Aleister Crowley is the transformative figure of modern magick: emerging from the qabalistic and hermetic tradition of the Golden Dawn, he progressed through various schools of eastern thought and eventually created a truly remarkable synthesis of techniques under the banner of "The Method of Science, the Goal of Religion." The revelation he received was of a quantum cosmology centered upon the Force & Fire of the Egyptian god Horus, an explosion of solar consciousness for the liberation of humanity, of revolution and breaking down of obsolete structures.

This is balanced by the 696 Current, sparked by Soror Nema's 1974 experience of Liber Pennae Praenumbra: The Book of the Foreshadowing of the Feather, which expresses the words of Maat the goddess of Justice & Truth. While the power of Horus is one of expansion and brilliance, that of Maat is of insight and mystery. As Yang and Yin, Androgyne and Gynander, these Twins transform the two-sided Tree of Life & Death for the "next step" in evolution, leading eventually towards N'Aton, the collective global mind of awakened humanity. In practice we have found that the magicks of Horus are often catalyzed and accelerated by those of Maat, forming a synergy of illumination and mutation. The Word of Horus is ABRAHADABRA, and that of Maat is IPSOS.

These energies are all based in the concept of the Procession of the Aeons: rising out of the Nameless Aeon of our prehistoric and shamanic past are four periods of historic development. The age of Isis the Mother was of paganism and nature, and that of Osiris the Father of monotheism and the rise of cities. The corruption at the end of this period is now being overthrown by the new energies of Horus the Son, our modern era of anarchy and chaos and technological change. This will in turn become the time of the Daughter—Maat—whose way of being will manifest in unique and unexpected ways. Part of her magick involves the reversal of time, as the forward flow of Horus meets the backwards current of Maat, inspiring us with an understanding of the future Wordless Aeon, when we all may become something far greater, something which exists in the form of seeds within us in the eternal Now. Part of the Art of Magick is awakening to the use of the formulas of any of these periods at Will; as the Greek philosopher Herakleitos stated around 500 BCE: "The Aeon is a Child at Play." The Horus/Maat Lodge seeks to apply these energies toward the evolution, enlightenment, and survival of our World today.

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