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Welcome to the Help Project! This is a centralized project for improving and maintaining Encyclopedia Thelemica's help system. Our goal is to improve the help pages. For experienced editors this means finding accurate help easily. For new readers and editors this means providing the help to become constructive editors as efficiently as possible (focusing on introductory pages, tutorials and ease of navigation).

Main goals

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The help pages of Encyclopedia Thelemica are a rabbit warren of various types of pages, written to differing levels of technical expertise and in widely varying styles. The effect can be quite overwhelming!

Chances are if you have come to this project you have been editing the help pages yourself and have aided the project already. Apart from our main goal to improve the help system, we hope to provide an oasis of [apparent] order in all the chaos - or at least a place where editors of the different sections can meet up and get further opinions without having to understand the entire structure of the help system. This should be especially useful as many of the help pages have few, if any regular maintainers, and a good idea may get lost in time if it seems there is no other support.

This is an open project and free to join in any discussions / projects without being listed as a participent, but you are of course welcome to choose a comfy chair and sign up for moral support. This project is built on the foundations of several other battles to make some sense of the chaos including Thelemica.org/w/index.php?title=Encyclopedia Thelemica:Helping_Hand_Group&oldid=42337686 the Helping Hands Project, each time the situation seems to be improve, hopefully this time we can tame it!

Open tasks / current projects

Ongoing tasks

  • Discuss problems and ideas related to Encyclopedia Thelemica's help system on the talk page or through the links in the following section.
  • Tag any pages that should be within the scope of the project with the project banner {{Help Project}} on their talk pages - all main pages covered just the odd ones that we may have missed, and essays/guidelines mostly not tagged until further thoughts..
  • Try to direct questions to the correct areas and reduce workload of editors in each of the specific areas to relevant queries.
  • Ensure pages are written to answer common questions clearly in help pages and reduce unnecessary questioning on talk pages.
  • The help system needs watchdogs to check for test edits on articles and talk pages and to redirect misplaced questions by new users.(Help:Contents, all its subpages, and all the pages linked to from its subpages, etc.) You can see recent changes of pages within this projects scope using the this link..
  • Address specific article concerns as listed below or on the talk page.

Articles needing attention

Articles requiring attention or further thought listed on this page (which also lists completed missions). Encyclopedia Thelemica:Help Project/ArticleTLC


The principal index pages.


And of course the Thelemica.org/w/index.php?title=Special%3APrefixIndex&prefix=&namespace=12 Help: namespace.

Pages already tagged for the project are listed in Category:WikiProject Help Project.

Related WikiProjects

Uconventional 'WikiProject' structures

Related pages in Sister projects



For talk pages related to the project add {{WikiProject Help}} to the top of the talk page.

Template:WikiProject Help There is also a simple talk page header intended for initially used help pages.. Template:Talkpage of help. Template:Talkpage of help

For your user page you can add {{User Encyclopedia Thelemica/Help Project}} to show participation.

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Encyclopedia Thelemica's Help Project.

Template for help categories {{Help category}} Template:Help category

Barn stars

'The Helping Hand Barnstar' is to be awarded to editors who frequently help new users. Template:The Helping Hand Barnstar

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