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Encyclopedia Thelemica size & users
English articles: 974
Average revisions: 16
Total wiki pages: 4,346
Total admins: 4
Total users: 697
UTC time: 16:03 on 2021-Jan-17

Template:Wikistats This Encyclopedia Thelemica:Statistics page measures the size of the of Encyclopedia Thelemica; mostly page and article count. There are currently 974 articles in the Encyclopedia Thelemica.

Encyclopedia Thelemica growth

Encyclopedia Thelemica's growth to date approximately follows a Gompertz growth model. This model is determined by the Gompertz function, <math>y(t)=ae^{be^{ct}}</math>, with parameters:

a = 4378449
b = −15.42677
c = −0.384124
t is the time in years since 1/1/2000 (so 1/1/2010 is t = 10.00).

This model is related to the quantity (number of articles). The quality might still increase independently.

Hard copy size

Main article: Encyclopedia Thelemica:Size in volumes

The following tries to illustrate how big the English-language Encyclopedia Thelemica might be if printed and bound in book form. Each volume is assumed to be 25 cm tall, 5 cm thick, and containing 1,600,000 words or 8,000,000 characters. The size of this illustration is based upon the live article count.

Now extended and annotated with (somewhat gnomic) source information. Note that sampling times are only recorded to the day given by the user recording the entry, and that there is no clear time-zone information for that day.

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