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tr.v.; e·voked, e·vok·ing, e·vokes

  1. To summon or call forth: actions can evoke emotion.
  2. To call to mind by naming, citing, or suggesting: smells evoke old memories.
  3. To create anew, especially through the power of the memory or imagination: a period novel evokes the ambiance of an era.
  4. to draw forth or bring out something latent, hidden, or unexpressed: evoke a talent.

Root: Latin evocare: to call
Synonyms: educe educe significance from an event; elicit elicit the truth.

evo·ca·ble, adj.
ev·o·ca·tion, n.



  1. One who calls forth.

Compare with: invoke

Many consider evocation to be a lower form of invocation dealing specifically with the world of manifestation. Evocation lacks the power of transformation, thus may be considered a form of witchcraft.

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