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Had! the manifestation of Nuit! (AL I,1)

The unveiling of the company of Heaven. (AL I,2)

Had is, quite simply, the word for 'manifestation' in Thelema. It would perhaps be more accurate to consider Had to be a verb, to manifest, and even then an active verb, manifesting would be more accurate still. There is contained in it an element, however, of time and duration, but of a process rather than a thing.

When the '-it' ending is added, this notion of becoming is reified into the winged disk of the Sun identified on the Stélé of Revealing as "Hadit, the great god, the lord of the sky."

In the Book of the Law, Hadit states,

"I am the flame that burns in every heart of man and in the core of every star." (AL II,6)

The complement of Had is Nu.

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Crowley on Had

"Nu conceals Had because He is Everywhere in the Infinite, and She manifests Him for the same reason. See verse 3. Every Individual manifests the Whole; and the Whole conceals every Individual. The Soul interprets the Universe; and the Universe veils the Soul. Nature understands Herself by becoming self-conscious in Her units; and the Consciousness loses its sense of separateness by dissolution in Her."


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