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The Qur'an is the Holy book revealed to Mohammed in 610 e.v. by the angel Jibril (Gabriel)

It is believed that the scripture Mohammed got was a copy of the book of Allah have in paradise.

The content also have some of the stories from the Bible, but the stories are not exactly the same.

Note: The Qur'an is considered the Living Miracle of Al-Islam, being the Revelation that the Prophet Muhammad recieved from the angel Jibril. The Qur'an is a revelation of Spoken form which cannot be fully comprehended since it is just letters and sounds, but which can be understand in its esoteric reality threw Gnosis of Allah. Arabic is the most pure form of getting off on understanding this Book, but Gnosis is the true way to attain knowledge of Qur'an, not threw words but threw Experience. The Copy of the Qur'an with Allah is not an actual book but the inner reality of what we have on paper.

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