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Lon Milo DuQuette, IX° is one of a handful of individuals initiated (1975 EV) by Hymenaeus Alpha 777 (Grady L. McMurtry) after the death of Karl Germer and prior to McMurtry’s formal reorganization of the OTO. In 2004 EV, upon the death of his former teacher, Phyllis Seckler, DuQuette inherited the distinction of being in the OTO longer than any other living member.

He is currently the U.S. Deputy Grand Master General, and enjoys the unique position of Archbishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, a prelacy conferred upon him by both Hymenaeus Alpha and Hymenaeus Beta.

DuQuette has authored numerous books pertaining to magick and Thelema. He lectures extensively and is arguably the most publicly visible member of the O.T.O. in the world.

He lives in Costa Mesa, California with his wife (since 1967 EV), Bishop Constance Jean DuQuette, an OTO initiate since 1976 EV.

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