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In The Vision and the Voice, 2nd Aethyr and in Liber Stellae Rubaea there is a section of moon language identified as "the infernal adorations of OAI.

The following is a moon language dictionary:

'se -
a - in the air
AI - to the god
balae - swimmeth
bi - the crown
chi - lion-child
fu - will (noun and verb)
ga - angel of the lord; by the angel of the lord
ge - triumph
gu -
Hut - Hadit
Kut - Ra Hoor Khuit
la - none
latria - steal away; stealeth away
le - strong
lu - attained
malae - reel; reeleth; stagger
melai - sweet; honeyed
moai - praise
mu - silence
ni - the balance
Nut - Nuit
o - behold
pa - moon; by the moon; the moon
pe - my
pelai - fall
qwi - now
rel - be
sa - myself; by myself
telai - ceaseth; ended
ti - the end; the beginning
to - hath
tu - that; who
tulu - shall attain
u - initiation
ut - thou
wa - and; also
wi - the sword
ya - waxeth

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