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In Egyptian mythology, Neith (also known as Nit, Net and Neit) was a psychopomp, a goddess of war and the hunt and the patron deity of Sais, in the Western Delta. As well, she was the patroness of weaving—the bandages and shrouds worn by the mummified deceased were said to be gifts from Neith. She was often portrayed holding a set of bow and arrows, occasionally a harpoon. She was the mother of Sobek. At Banebdjetet's request, she interceded in the war between Horus and Set over the Egyptian throne; she recommended that Horus rule. She served as protector for Duamutef, one of the Four Sons of Horus.

She was identified with Nephthys and Anouke. Neith may also correspond to the Berber and Punic goddess Tanit.

The evil Apep (Apophis) was created from her saliva, which she spat into the primordial waters embodied by Nu.

Plato's Timaeus states that she was the Greek goddess Athena by another name.


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