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Netherwood is located in the historic town of Hastings along the southern coast of England about 26 miles from London. Netherwood was a four acre estate located about two miles from the coast and five hundred feet above sea level at the northern end of Hastings along what is known as The Ridge. It was the final home of Aleister Crowley, who died there in 1947 EV.

Tax records dating back to the late nineteenth century show the property to have originally been owned by a baroness. It was sold in the early twentieth century and owned by more than one individual before being purchased by Vernon and Kathleen Symonds. The Symondses frequently invited artists and intellectuals to the property and exchanged lodging for a lecture or performance.

Louis Wilkinson persuaded the couple to take in Aleister Crowley who moved into Netherwood in late August or very early September of 1945. Although Crowley spent much of his time in his room writing late into the night he got along well with both the owners and guests. He died at Netherwood on December 1, 1947 of pneumonia.

The Netherwood estate was eventually sold to developers and turned into a housing area ("Netherwood Close") sometime in the 1970s. As of 1998 there were two portions of Netherwood standing, both located on the northeast corner of the estate. One is the coach house which is occupied by a family. The other is the east wing of the original estate and is now a restaurant and bar.


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