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  • 1925 - Writes an Official letter of reply to Frater Achad from Weida, Germany. AC received a letter dated August 21 from Achad where he is "personally and publicly announcing my severance with that aspect of the A:.A:. represented by you." AC's reply accepted the resignation and entrusted Frater O.P.V. to maintain good relations of the order on the inter-rim of Achad appointing a replacement for his position in his Office as Grand Neophyte of the A:.A:. "I do not doubt that you will do all in your power to enable O.P.V. to establish commune with all those members of the A:.A:. whose relations with headquarters have hitherto depended on you, in order that the change of Officers consequent on your resignation may involve as little disturbance as possible in the Work of the Order." Signed To Mega Therion 666 9=2 A:.A:.