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Selected pictures are images that add significantly to articles, either by illustrating article content particularly well, or being eye-catching to the point where users will want to read its accompanying article. Taking the common saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words", the images selected on Portal:Encyclopedia Thelemica should illustrate an Encyclopedia Thelemica-related article in such a way as to add significantly to that article, according to the Featured picture criteria. For pictures that are already featured, if no objection comes in two days since the time of nomination, they will be promoted as selected pictures.

If you believe an image should be selected to appear on The Encyclopedia ThelemicaPortal, please add it below to the New nominations section. Conversely, if you believe that an image should not be listed, add it to the Nomination for removal section. Old nominations are archived.

Nomination procedure

===[[Portal:{{subst:PAGENAME}}| ExampleName ]]===

[[ Image: Example.jpg |thumb| Caption goes here ]]

Add your reasons for nominating it here; 
say what article it appears in, and who created the image.

*Nominate and '''support'''. - ~~~~ 

<!-- additional votes go above this line  -->
  • Add   {{Portal:Encyclopedia Thelemica/featured picture candidates/ExampleName}}   to the top of the list in the Current nominations section of this page.

If you have problems formatting your nomination, someone else will fix it, don't worry! If you wish to simply add your nomination to this page without creating the subpage, that is OK as someone else will create the subpage. The important piece of information is the pointer to the image, and the reason for the nomination.

Supporting and opposing

  • If you approve of a picture, write Support followed by your reasons.
  • If you oppose a nomination, write Oppose followed by your reasons. Where possible, objections should provide a specific rationale that can be addressed.
    • To change your vote, strike it out (with <s>...</s>) rather than removing it.

Votes added early in the process may be disregarded if they do not give any reasons for the opposition. This is especially true if the image is altered during the process. Editors are advised to monitor the progress of a nomination and update their votes accordingly.

If you feel you could improve a candidate by image editing, please feel free to do so, but do not overwrite or remove the original. Instead, upload your edit with a different file name (e.g. add "edit" to the file name), and display it below the original nomination.

Current nominations

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