Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

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Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, first appears as an Appendix to Johann Weyer's De praestigiis daemonum (1577).

A grimoire similar in nature to the Ars Goetia, the first book of The Lesser Key of Solomon it contains a list of demons, and the appropriate hours and rituals to conjure them.

The book was written before known copies of The Lesser Key of Solomon, and has some differences. There are sixty-eight demons listed (instead of seventy-two), and the order of the spirits varies, as well as some of their characteristics. The demons Vassago, Seir, Dantalion and Andromalius are not listed in this book. Pseudomonarchia Daemonum does not attribute seals to the demons, as The Lesser Key of Solomon does.

Weyer referred to his source manuscript as Liber officiorum spirituum, seu Liber dictus Empto. Salomonis, de principibus et regibus daemoniorum. (Book of the offices of spirits, or the book of saying of Empto. Solomon concerning the princes and kings of demons)


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