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Columns from Liber 777:
  • CVI, CVII—"The Ten Hells in Seven Palaces"
  • CXXV, CXXVI—"Seven Hells of the Arabs" and "Their Inhabitants"
  • VIII, CXXIII—"Orders of Qliphoth" & translation
  • CVIII—"Some Princes of the Qliphoth"
  • LXVIII—"The Demon Kings"
  • CLV-CLX—"Goetic Demons of Decans by Day" (Ascendant, Succedent, & Cadent) and their magical images
  • CLXI-CLXVI—"Goetic Demons of Decans by Night" (Ascendant, Succedent, & Cadent) and their magical images

Within the western magical tradition, the Tree of Life is used as a kind of conceptual filing cabinet within the larger system of the Qabalah, the use of which was central to the mystical teachings of Aleister Crowley. Each sephera ("Emination") and path is assigned various ideas, such as astrological planets and signs, cards of the Tarot, and the classical elements. Many of these correspondances were gathered together in Crowley's book Liber 777, which is used for these listings.

Orders of Qliphoth and their Princes


  • 1 Kether: תאומיאל Thaumiel ("Dual contending Forces") / Satan and Moloch
  • 2 Chokmah: עוגיאל Ghagiel ("Hinderers") / סמאל
  • 3 Binah: סאתאריאל Satariel ("Concealers") / אשת זנונום
  • 4 Chesed: גצסכאה Gha’agsheklah ("Breakers in Pieces") / Lucifuge
  • 5 Geburah: גולחב Golachab ("Burners") / אשתרום
  • 6 Tiphareth: תגרירון Thagiriron ("Disputers") / חיוא Belphegor
  • 7 Netzach: ערב זרק A’arab Zaraq ("Dispersing Ravens") / אשמדאי
  • 8 Hod: סמאל Samael ("Deceivers") / בליאל Adramelek
  • 9 Yesod: גמיאל Gamaliel ("Obscene Ones") / לילית
  • 10 Malkuth: לילית Lilith ("The Evil Woman or (simply) The Woman") / נצמה


  • 15 (Aries): בצירירון Ba’airiron
  • 16 Vau (Taurus): אדימירון Adimiron
  • 17 Zain (Gemini): צללימירון Tzalalimiron
  • 18 Cheth (Cancer): שיחרירון Shichiriron
  • 19 Teth (Leo): שלהבירון Shalehbiron
  • 20 Yod (Virgo): צפרירון Tzaphiriron
  • 22 Lamed (Libra): עבירירון A’abiriron
  • 24 Nun (Scorpio): נחשתירון Necheshthiron
  • 25 Samekh (Sagittarius): נחשירון Necheshiron
  • 26 Ayin (Capricorn): דגדגירון Dagdagiron
  • 28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): בהימירון Bahimiron
  • 29 Qoph (Pisces): נשימירון Nashimiron

The Ten Hells in Seven Palaces

  • 1 Kether, 2 Chokmah, 3 Binah: שאול Sheol (Grave)
  • 4 Chesed: אבדון Abaddon (Perdition)
  • 5 Geburah: בארשחת Bar Shachath (Clay of Death)
  • 6 Tiphareth: טיטהיון Titahion (Pit of Destruction)
  • 7 Netzach: שערימות Shaarimoth (Gates of Death)
  • 8 Hod: אלמות Tzelmoth (Shadow of Death)
  • 9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth: גיהנם Gehinnom (Hell)

Seven Hells of the Arabs and their Inhabitants

The Demon Kings

  • 11 Aleph (Air): Oriens
  • 23 Mem (Water): Ariton
  • 31 Shin (Fire): Paimon
  • 32-bis (Earth): Amaimon

Goetic Demons of Decans by Day

  • 15 (Path of Hé) Aries:
    • Ascendant—1/Sol/ נאל Bael (Cat, toad, man, or all at once)
    • Succedent—2/Venus/ אגאר Agares (Old man, riding a crocodile and carrying a goshawk)
    • Cadent—3/Jupiter/ ושאגו Vassago (Like Agares)
  • 16 (Path of Vau) Taurus:
    • Ascendant—4/luna/ גמיגין Gamigina (Little horse or ass)
    • Succedent—5/Mercury/ מארב Marbas (Great Lion)
    • Cadent—6/Venus/ ואלפר Valefor (Lion with ass’s head, bellowing)
  • 17 (Path of Zain) Gemini:
    • Ascendant—7/luna/ אמון Amon (1. Wolf with serpent’s tail 2. Man with dog’s teeth and raven’s head)
    • Succedent—8/Venus/ ברבטוש Barbatos (Accompanied by 4 noble kings and great troops)
    • Cadent—9/Sol/ פאימון Paimon (Crowned king on dromedary, accompanied by many musicians
  • 18 (Path of Cheth) Cancer:
    • Ascendant—10/Mercury/ בואר Buer (Probably a centaur or archer)
    • Succedent—11/Venus/ גוסיון Gusion (“Like a Xenopilus”)
    • Cadent—12/Jupiter/ שיטרי Sitri (Leapard’s head and gryphon’s wings)
  • 19 (Path of Teth) Leo:
    • Ascendant—13/Sol/ בלאת Beleth (Rider on pale horse, with many musicians. [Flaming and poisonous breath])
    • Succedent—14/Luna/ לראיך Leraikha (An archer in green)
    • Cadent—15/Mercury/ אליגוש Eligos (A knight with a lance and banner, with a serpent)
  • 20 (Path of Yod) Virgo:
    • Ascendant—16/Mercury/ זאפר Zepar (A soldier in red apparel and armour)
    • Succedent—17/Mars & Mercury/ בוטיש Botis (Viper (or) Human, with teeth and 2 horns, and with a sword)
    • Cadent—18/Venus/ באתין Bathin (A strong man with a serpent’s tail, on a pale horse)
  • 22 (Path of Lamed) Libra:
    • Ascendant—19/Venus/ שאלוש Sallos (Solider with ducal crown riding a crocodile)
    • Succedent—20/Sol/ פורשון Purson (Lion-faced man riding a bear, carrying a viper. Trumpeter with him)
    • Cadent—21/Mars & Mercury/ מאראץ Marax (Human-faced bull)
  • 24 (Path of Nun) Scorpio:
    • Ascendant—22/Mars/ יפוש Ipos (Angel with lion’s head, goose’s feet, horse’s tail)
    • Succedent—23/Venus/ אים Aim (Man with 3 heads—a serpent’s, a man’s (having two stars on his brow), and a calf’s. Rides on viper and bears firebrand)
    • Cadent—24/Luna/ נבר Naberius (A black crane with a sore throat—he flutters)
  • 25 (Path of Samekh) Sagittarius:
    • Ascendant—25/Mars & Marcury/ גלאסלבפל Glasya-Labolas (A dog with a gryphon’s wings)
    • Succedent—26/Venus/ בים Bime (Dragon with 3 heads—a dog’s, man’s, and gryphon’s)
    • Cadent—27/Mars & Luna/ רינוו Ronove (A monster [probably a dolphin])
  • 26 (Path of Ayin) Capricorn:
    • Ascendant—28/Venus/ נרית Berith (Gold-crowned soldier in red on a red horse. Bad breath)
    • Succedent—29/Venus/ אשתרית Asteroth (Hurtful angel or infernal dragon, like Berot, with a viper [breath bad])
    • Cadent—30/Luna/ פורנאש Forneus (Sea monster)
  • 28 (Path of Tzaddi) Aquarius:
    • Ascendant—31/Mercury/ פוראש Foras (A strong man in human shape)
    • Succedent—32/Sol/ אסמראי Asmoday (3 heads (bull, man, ram), snake’s tail, goose’s feet. Rides, with lance and banner, on a dragon)
    • Cadent—33/Mercury/ געף Gaap (Like a guide. To be kings)
  • 29 (Path of Qoph) Pisces:
    • Ascendant—34/Mars/ פורפור Furfur (1. Hart with fiery tail 2. Angel)
    • Succedent—35/Luna/ מרחוש Marchosias (Wolf with a gryphon’s wings and serpent’s tail. Breathes flames)
    • Cadent—36/Jupiter/ ישטולוש Stolas (Raven)

Goetic Demons of Decans by Night

  • 15 (Path of Hé) Aries:
    • Ascendant—37/Luna/ פאנץ Phenex (Child-voices phœnix)
    • Succedent—38/Mars/ האלף Halphas (Stock-dove with sore throat)
    • Cadent—39/Mrecury/ מאלף Malphas (Crow with sore throat)
  • 16 (Path of Vau) Taurus:
    • Ascendant—40/Mars/ ראים Raum (Crow)
    • Succedent— 41/Venus/ פוכלור Focalor (Man with gryphon’s wings)
    • Cadent—42/Venus/ ופאר Vepar (Mermaid)
  • 17 (Path of Zain) Gemini:
    • Ascendant—43/Luna/ שבנוך Sabnock (Soldier with lion’s head rides pale horse)
    • Succedent—44/Luna/ שץ Shax (Stock-dove with sore throat)
    • Cadent—45/Venus & Sol/ וינא Vine (Lion on black horse carrying viper)
  • 18 (Path of Cheth) Cancer:
    • Ascendant—46/Mars/ ביפרו Bifrons (Monster)
    • Succedent—47/Venus/ אואל Uvall (Dromedary)
    • Cadent—48/Mercury/ העגנת Haagenti (Bull with gryphon’s wings)
  • 19 (Path of Teth) Leo:
    • Ascendant—49/venus/ כרוכל Crocell (Angel)
    • Succedent—50/Venus/ פוך Furcas (Cruel ancient, with long white hair and beard, rides a pale horse, with sharp weapons)
    • Cadent—51/Sol/ בצלם Balam (3 heads (bull, man, ram), snake’s tail, flaming eyes. Rides bear, carries goshawk)
  • 20 (Path of Yod) Virgo:
    • Ascendant—52/Venus/ אלוך Alloces (Soldier with red leonine face and flaming eyes; rides great horse)
    • Succedent—53/Mercury/ כאון Camio ((1) Thrush. (2) Man with sharp sword seemeth to answer in burning ashes or coals of fire)
    • Cadent—54/Venus & Mars/ מורם Murmur (Warrior with ducal crown rides gryphon. Trumpeters)
  • 22 (Path of Lamed) Libra:
    • Ascendant—55/Jupiter/ אוראוב Orobas (Horse)
    • Succedent—56/Venus/ גמור Gamori (Beautiful woman, with duchess’ crown tied to her waist, riding great camel)
    • Cadent—57/Mrcury/ ושו Oso (Leopard)
  • 24 (Path of Nun) Scorpio:
    • Ascendant—58/Mercury/ און Amy (Flaming fire)
    • Succedent—59/Luna/ וריאץ Oriax (Lion on horse, with serpent’s tail, carries in right hand two hissing serpents)
    • Cadent—60/Venus/ נפול Napula (Lion with gryphon’s wings)
  • 25 (Path of Samekh) Sagittarius:
    • Ascendant—61/Sol & Mercury/ זאגן Zagan (Bull with gryphon’s wings)
    • Succedent—62/Mercury/ ואל Volac (Child with angel’s wings rides a two-headed dragon)
    • Cadent—63/Luna/ אנול Andras (Angel with raven’s head. Rides black wolf, carries sharp sword)
  • 26 (Path of Ayin) Capricorn:
    • Ascendant—64/Venus/ חאור Haures (Leopard)
    • Succedent—65/Luna/ אנדראלף Andrealphas (Noisy peacock)
    • Cadent—66/Luna/ כימאור Kimaris (Warrior on black horse)
  • 28 (Path of Tzaddi) Aquarius:
    • Ascendant—67/Venus/ אמדוך Amdusias ((1) Unicorn. (2) Dilatory bandmaster)
    • Succedent—68/Sol/ בליאל Belial (Two beautiful angels sitting in chariot of fire)
    • Cadent—69/Luna/ דכאוראב Decarabia (A star in a pentacle)
  • 29 (Path of Qoph) Pisces:
    • Ascendant—70/Jupiter/ שאר Seere (Beautiful man on winged horse)
    • Succedent—71/Venus/ דנטאל Dantalion (Man with many countenances, all men’s and women’s, carries a book in right hand)
    • Cadent—72/Mars/ אנדרומאל Andromalius (Man holding great serpent)
Correspondences in the Tree of Life from Liber 777 Tree of Life | 777 Tables | Qabalah

The Sephera: 1 Kether, 2 Chokmah
3 Binah, 4 Chesed, 5 Geburah
6 Tiphareth, 7 Netzach, 8 Hod
9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth

The Key Scale—the numerical organizational tool of the Tree.

Major Correspondences:

Astrological Angels

The Four Worlds

The Four Worlds
Correspondences of Assiah
Correspondences of Yetzirah
Correspondences of Briah

Material Correspondences:

Precious Stones
The Human Body

Magick & Mysticism:

Magical Weapons
Magical Formulae
Magical Powers
Parts of the Soul
The Four Quarters

Eastern Mysticism
The Grades of the A.'.A.'.
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Genii of the Twelve Hours
Geomantic Intelligences
Lineal Figures & Geomancy
Figures related to Pure Number
Qliphoth & Infernals
The Perfected Man
Sepher Yetzirah
Transcendental Morality
Legendary Orders of Being

The Paths:

11 Aleph
12 Beth
13 Gimel
14 Daleth
16 Vau
17 Zain
18 Cheth
19 Teth
20 Yod
21 Kaph

22 Lamed
23 Mem
24 Nun
25 Samekh
26 Ayin
28 Tzaddi
29 Qoph
30 Resh
31 Shin
32 Tau

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