Will Parfitt: The Magic of Psychosynthesis

A new book by Will Parfitt, The Magic of Photosynthesis – Initiation and Self Development, is available now from Amazon and other bookstores.

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To become an Initiate you need to uncover what has been previously hidden both in yourself and in your understanding of the forces of nature, learning how to explore and develop your own self-actualisation. A true Initiate does not use powers to be better, wiser, more advanced or somehow superior to others but works towards a co-operative and careful use of power for the good of all. Psychosynthesis is excellent for both initiation and therapy because at its centre are tried esoteric and magical practices, updated by Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, and various practitioners after him, to make them relevant and useful in our modern world.

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Jamie J Barter

“A true Initiate does not use powers to be better, wiser, more advanced […]”
No, s/he uses them to be worse off, more foolish & ignorant, and going backwards on the Path instead… I don’t think?


Hi Jamie, good joke! 🙂 … read the whole blurb, better still read the book, you might find out what an initiate is. Have fun! W

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