Will ‘Strange Angel’ Return for Season 2?

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Reynor … described the show as intriguing, mystical, and exciting, and said it was interesting to learn about the occult as an Irish native who grew up in Catholic school. He called it the antithesis of his upbringing and believed the show gave him a new perspective on a mysterious belief system. Hopefully, Strange Angel will return for Season 2 so fans can also get a deeper understanding about Jack Parsons’ bizarre and complicated life.

Source: Will ‘Strange Angel’ Return for Season 2? This Real-Life Rocket Scientist’s Story is Stranger Than Fiction

2 comments on “Will ‘Strange Angel’ Return for Season 2?

  1. wellreadwellbred

    “Hopefully, Strange Angel will return for Season 2 so fans can also get a deeper understanding about Jack Parsons’ bizarre and complicated life.”

    “If it were granted a Season 2, there is no doubt that it would take on a much darker tone, a tone that fans of Parsons before the series aired might have hoped for up front. And while it might assume a darker tone at that time, it would require more than tone to get audiences fully invested, in my opinion. The pulpy stylization of Parsons’s imagination remains with him through this season, distracting us from the deeper development of the narrative, while the stylization of Susan Parsons’s Occult therapy sessions draws us in. […]

    […] Jack Parsons’s introduction to the OTO was not by accident as the series portrays. His first visit was in January of 1939. According to Pendle’s biography, which, of course, the series takes its name from, Jack and Helen joined of their own accord.

    “The house’s guest registrar shows Parsons visiting only once more that year, for a party celebrating [Wilfred T.] Smith’s birthday. His interest in Thelema and Crowley, however, was growing. Smith judiciously began to sell him copies of Crowley’s books, which he would study at home. Seeing her husband’s mounting interest in Crowley, Helen also began to read the books. Although she was initially shocked by Crowley’s sexist attitudes, she, too, was gradually drawn to what she read. By the end of 1939 Parsons owned a respectable collection of Crowley’s work. The age of Horus, the wink of the grandeur of the past, even if it was wearing a robe made out of old theater curtain, seemed to be infinitely more in tune with his romantic leanings than Communism or even science fiction … Wilfred Smith wanted to initiate Parsons into the OTO as soon as possible, although Parsons’ rocket work and Helen’s initial reluctance meant the initiation would have to be delayed for a while. Nevertheless, Parsons’ scientific learning, his natural aristocratic manner and his wealthy countenance all gave Smith hope that Parsons could be the “Rich Man of the West” he had been looking for all these years.” (Source: Pendle, George. Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist Jack Whiteside Parsons, (New York: Houghton Mifflan Harcourt, 2005), p. 152-153.)

    Smith seems to be the access point for Ernest’s character, though neither he nor Parsons required the eccentricities invoked by the writers. The motivation of money and promotion is much more interesting than his character’s motivation in the series, and isn’t there something more exciting about Jack and Susan coming to the pariah religion with more agency than by external manipulation?” (Source: Posted on August 17, 2018 by Rob E. King Strange Angel: Season One Finale – – – https://25yearslatersite.com/2018/08/17/strange-angel-season-one-finale/#_ftn1)

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