Yantra of Yearning by Austin Osman Spare

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Von Zos is pleased to announce a new series of prints from the Staley/Wise collection. The first, Yantra of Yearning, is now available in an edition of just 31 copies from landofzos.com. Each print is a 12 x 26 inch authentic giclée. The image has been reproduced directly from the original to the highest standard using archival-inks and color-matches the original and is printed on 100% cotton rag archival paper with excellent sharpness and longevity.

Yantra of Yearning was first exhibited at the Temple Bar show in London, 1949. Catalogue number 29.

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“It seems that Geb (earth) was largely worshiped as a goose, his sacred animal, during the pre-dynastic period” (http://www.ancientegyptonline.co.uk/geb.html).

Michael Staley

Congratulations, El-Flippo, on making the most off-topic posts I have come across for a long time. This is a news item about a late 1940s pastel by Spare being reproduced as a print. Of what earthly relevence to that are your two posts? Are you always this incontinent?


“What then is this? (P) They are the three bones of my IDS, made into sentient symbols that think for us understood by all the egos and gods: of sin” (Magical stele) The 3 bones are depicted as 3 times 3 triangles in the formula of the Maya stele. A triangle is one half of a circle (180 degrees). I’m suggesting that the solution of the real YEARNING YANTRA is a 3 times cycle around a triple helix. Just take a look at the Magical stele. Two animals are hanging by the ends of the caduceus. What’s so off topic… Read more »


The Yantra of yearning is a very nice piece of art by the way! Appreciate the work of all who’ve contributed and made it available to the public. Try to turn the picture 180 degrees. Look at the head in the middle :=). I can also identify 3 double helixes in this painting – for what’s that worth. And maybe a number to the left: 20 or 26.


When turned the picture I can actually see 5 double helixes. The plot thickens :=). There should be a way to edit the posts. Too many double and triple posts.


Note: The head in the middle might hint to a sixth helix by AOS (?). The end.