Zhoupheus Journal – New independent esoteric magazine

Zhoupheus is an independent esoteric journal. Founded in 2012, it is conceived to cover a plurality of branches that involve the lore of what could be called primordial wisdom and its reemergence in the modern world.

The quality of the publication is parallel to the qualities of the contributors that partake in its unfolding. Zhoupheus wishes to be a collaborative platform for authors and artists to share their work. To facilitate the creation of new and thought-provoking ideas that defy the mundane theoretical standards that society often poses.

The September Issue is printed in high quality on glossy paper with perfect-binding. 8.25″ x 10.75″ 114 pages in 58 spreads, several pages in full colour. Only 156 copies available.

Contributors for this issue are : Richard T Cole, Hermasolunus Mutz, Kitti Solymosi, Arctic Alamut, Harlequinade Art Project, Felipe Ferla da Costa, Ame Ladik,Hades Popnox, Sean Woodward, Christopher H., Joran Laperre, Edward R. Palmer, The Uranian ChrisM, Vax Huvuden, Alley Maxwell and Dakota Crane.

Printed Edition: US $28.00 (€22.70)
Digital: US $4.00 (€3.20)

More information on the magazine and how to purchase it on http://zhoupheus.com/

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